Servicing all of West Palm Beach

Groomsters mobile spa provides a full service grooming salon right at your home.  Our State-of-the-art mobile salon is self contained, provides its own power and performs at a quiet noise level for neighborhood and personal satisfaction.  We pride ourselves in being #1 in customer service and satisfaction for our clients and as well as for their owners.  Each pet receives an individual stress-reduced service and will never be cage dried or sedated. The salon is cleaned and sanitized after each pet to help reduce any health problems that could occur.  No water is re-circulated! All products used are of high quality pet care products and are environmentally safe.

Groomsters services all breeds

All grooming services includes:

Nail clip 

Ear cleaning and plucking

Anal gland expression

Fresh warm water bath

Breed standard haircut


Additional services

Teeth brushing

Nail grinding

Flea and tick treatment


Shampoo and conditioning

Specialty shampoos




Flea and Tick removal


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